Mom Lashes Out At Neighbor For Telling Her Daughter To “Cover Up” In Her Own Home

Some people think that the earth revolves around them, which makes them believe that everyone should do as they say. But not all people are equally eager to abide by their commands.

This redditor’s mom sure wasn’t. When a neighbor showed up at her house telling her 16-year-old daughter what to wear in her own home, the mother was having none of it and slammed the door right in her entitled neighbor’s face. Scroll down to find the full story below.

Nosy neighbors can make life needlessly difficult

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This woman wanted control over her neighbor’s loungewear

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Being nosy seems to be the thing people dislike the most about their neighbors

The OP told Bored Panda that the thing that she found the most surprising was “the fact my neighbor wanted to control what I was wearing in my house and was probably watching me in my underwear”. She said that the family didn’t really have a good relationship with the neighbors even before the incident; and it’s unlikely to have made it any better.

While some surveys suggest that as much as 86% of people in the US seem to like their neighbors, the rest don’t feel as fond of them, and the main reason for that is reportedly them being too nosy. The OP’s neighbor, peeping through the window and seeking to control what people living around her are wearing inside their own homes, is arguably a great example of one nosy individual.

While such behavior is understandably annoying, some people admit that they have become the nosy neighbor themselves, partially due to the ever developing technology. A survey of a 1000 Americans found that using neighborhood-focused social media or technology made roughly a quarter of them more nosy. In addition to that, it has made some of them—roughly one-in-six of the respondents—more paranoid about neighborhood activity, while around 60% said it made them feel safer.

Neighbors can significantly influence how appealing others find the area to be

Needless to say, people living around us can make the area feel more welcoming or turn it into a living hell; anyone who’s ever had a nosy—or noisy, which might sometimes be even worse—neighbor can arguably attest to that.

According to the Vice President of Search Marketing at, Grant Simmons, people often consider “location, location, location” to be the key element when choosing where to live, but neighbors are a significant part of that location component.

“Nothing enhances or diminishes a community’s attraction as much as the residents themselves, especially in areas where a neighbor’s behavior can directly impact those around them,” he told SWNS Digital.

Luckily, some statistics show that quite a few people are happy with the people living around them. In France, for instance, roughly three-in-five people say they have a rather good relationship with their neighbors (nearly a quarter say they’re actually on very good terms with them), while among the Brits, as much as 86% get along well with people next door.

While choosing one’s neighbors is not really possible—so is being on good terms with some of them—buying curtains to cover up from them is, and that’s exactly what the redditor’s mom did the day after the encounter with the entitled woman. The way she handled the situation with the neighbor was applauded by members of the online community, who shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Fellow netizens shared their reactions in the comments, many applauded the mom

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