Megan Fox Defends ‘Love Is Blind’ Star Chelsea For Saying She Looks Like The Actress’s Doppelganger

Megan Fox recently addressed the controversy surrounding “Love Is Blind” star Chelsea Blackwell’s claim of resembling the actress.

The 37-year-old star stood up for Chelsea and said she didn’t deserve to get “bullied” for what she said.

The drama began after Chelsea claimed on the dating show that numerous people have pointed out to her that she resembled Megan, the actress known for her roles in blockbuster films like Transformers.

Megan Fox addressed the backlash that “Love Is Blind” star Chelsea Blackwell received after claiming people have told her she looks like the actress

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Chelsea made the claim with her then love-interest, Jimmy Presnell, while they were having a pod date.

“It’s just because I have dark hair and blue eyes,” she said on the show. “But I don’t see it so don’t get excited. That’s the only reason, there’s nothing else.”

Chelsea was relentlessly mocked by the internet for saying she looked like Megan’s doppelganger. The backlash prompted her to release a TikTok video, where the ‘Love is Blind’ contestant said: “This would be a great time for the people who have ever told me that I resembled her to come forward. Please, I’m begging you.”

Chelsea was mocked for telling her then love-interest, Jimmy Presnell, that people have called her Megan Fox’s doppelganger

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Megan, herself, came to Chelsea’s defense during an interview with E! News on Saturday, April 13.

“I’ve never had more people text me about something,” she said, “because I don’t really watch TV very much.”

“But I’ve had a lot of people text me and stop me. Even other celebrities at like Oscar parties were like, ‘Do you watch Love is Blind?’ And I was like, ‘No, but I know what you’re talking about,’” she went on to say.

“No one deserves to get bullied,” Megan Fox said as she defended Chelsea

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While the actress admitted she had not watched the episode in question, she revealed that Chelsea did not deserve to get bullied for her remarks.

“I didn’t watch it, but I think in general, no one deserves to get bullied,” Megan said.

“I don’t think she deserved that. I think people went way too hard,” she added.

Megan Fox said she “hundred thousand percent” believed Chelsea’s claim of people telling her she looked like her

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The Dictator actress also agreed during the interview that she absolutely believes Chelsea’s claim of being told that she looks like her doppelganger.

“I did see a picture of her,” Megan said. “A hundred thousand percent, people have told her, ‘You kind of look like Megan Fox.’ So I believe she’s telling the truth and I hope like she still has that sparkle in her eye. I hope the world didn’t steal it from her.”

“Mine died long ago from being bullied for 20 years,” she continued. “So I hope that didn’t happen to her. Best wishes and blessings.”

The internet still remained divided over whether they think the Love is Blind star looked like Megan Fox

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