Woman Cuts Friend’s Girl’s “Bird’s Nest” Hair Without Permission, Slams “Unhinged” Reaction

Real friendships should withstand many uphill battles, especially something as trivial as a haircut.

Unfortunately for these two women, a haircut quickly became their friendship’s downfall, as their respect for one another was left in complete disarray following a major fall-out over a hairdo.

One of the former BFFs made the decision to cut the hair of the three-year-old daughter of her former companion during a playdate, leaving the said friend in a state of anger.

The ex-bestie alleged the little girl’s hair was in a bad condition, claiming: “It was pretty obvious it hadn’t been brushed in at least a week and the ends were all scraggly and dry,” as per The Mirror.

A woman cut her friend’s daughter’s hair without discussing it with her friend beforehand, prompting a fallout

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Talking to News.com.au’s Kidspot segment, the woman recalled: “So, over came Bella to hang out for a few hours with my three little ones. 

“I happened to notice that Bella was looking a tad, shall we say, scruffy… with her long hair looking more like a bird’s nest.”

The name of the woman’s former friend had been changed, as she explained that the little girl’s mother had had a busy week, making it hard to spend time brushing her hair.

She further claimed: “After about 20 minutes of intense wrestling with this mass of knots, I realized they weren’t going anywhere and little Bella was getting frustrated with the pulling. 

“So, I did what I do to my own kids every six weeks or so, and I got out my haircutting scissors and decided to trim the ends for her.”

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The helpful mom went on to admit that she didn’t text her friend to inform her beforehand that she would be cutting her daughter’s locks.

She stated: “While Bella’s hair had transformed from a mangled mess of mid-back length hair to a super chic straight cut just below her shoulders (yes, turns out my scissors aimed a little higher than a trim if I’m being honest – a whole six inches or so actually…), her mum absolutely flipped out when I sent a message shortly after, just to say I had taken the opportunity to give her hair a snip.”

Upon understanding that her former friend’s reaction hadn’t been the positive one she had expected, the woman immediately called to apologize, in vain.

She said: “My livid friend asked me to send a photo and her response unfolded as such: ‘How dare you touch my baby daughter’s hair?! 

“‘She has never had a single haircut in her life. 

“‘I am her mother and I don’t even cut her hair!’.

“No, instead of a big thanks for fixing her little girl’s hair, I was being made to feel like a monster, someone who had intentionally damaged a child’s welfare – and more importantly, damaged the mother/daughter sacred bond between my friend and her precious little girl.”

“I happened to notice that Bella was looking a tad, shall we say, scruffy,” the woman described

Image credits: freepik

Questioning her companion’s reaction, the confused woman inquired: “I truly am trying hard to understand here why this woman became so irate about an innocent haircut.”

She continued: “Long story short, (so to speak…) I ended up apologizing profusely for the error of my ways and although I believe she grossly overreacted, I realize I probably should have checked first.

“Because as it stands, I’ve now lost a friend (for the time being) and even if, or when she does finally let it go, and in a couple of months when her daughter’s hair grows back, or she realizes how much better the short version is, I’m not sure I really want to be close friends with someone who is so easily unhinged over something so superficial.”

The surprised friend went on to ask the readers whether a friendship shouldn’t be more important than a haircut, “and beyond that – shouldn’t her little girl’s self-confidence be the most important thing to her?”

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