135 Of The Most Facepalm Things That Probably Ever Happened

Every now and then, we come across content online that causes a visceral reaction. Adorable photos of puppies might make your heart feel like it’s bursting out of your chest, and heartwarming pics of fathers who love their children more than anything might make you shed a tear. 

But unfortunately, it’s not only positive content that can make us feel something. Below, you’ll find a list of extremely frustrating posts from the Facepalm subreddit that might incinerate any faith you have left in humanity. We’ll warn you right now that you may not enjoy looking through these pics, but we hope you can manage to find the humor in some of them!

#1 Suspended For Showing The Truth?

Image credits: TheCrustyPancake

#2 Such A Dumba*s

Image credits: EggEggEggEggOWO

#3 It Would Have Been Nice A Heads Up

Image credits: lucynyu13

There’s no question that the internet is full of facepalm-worthy posts. With fake news running rampant and terrible photoshop jobs all over social media, it’s not hard to find something that makes you question how it ended up online in the first place. And no one knows that better than the members of the Facepalm subreddit. This community, which was created in August 2009, has amassed an incredible 7.4 million members who love calling out the most frustrating and disappointing moments the world has ever seen.

While we’re all familiar with the experience of seeing something that makes us want to facepalm, it was not until relatively recently that this word made its way into dictionaries. According to Merriam-Webster, the earliest known use of the word ‘facepalm’ was found in a Google Group in 1996. “Christie facepalmed. ‘Well, her hair was red this morning, right? It’s blonde now. You figure it out.’” Since then, however, the term has taken on many lives as not only a verb, but also a noun, adjective and interjection. It also finally made its way into the dictionary in 2017.

#4 Not That Hard

Image credits: Reddit-User-3000

#5 “Don’t Be Gay”

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#6 That’s A Special Kind Of Idiot

Image credits: Bmchris44

The idea of facepalming virtually became even more popular about 15 years ago, after we began creating facepalm memes. The most popular of which features a screenshot “from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which first aired on February 5th, 1990,” Know Your Meme explains on their site. “The clip shows the character Captain Jean-Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) reacting to a stressful situation by placing his hand on his face (shown below, right).”

While this meme went viral around the same time the Facepalm subreddit was created, both actually did quite a bit in popularizing the term on the internet. Today, there are countless memes and gifs that allow us to convey facepalming online, and in 2016, Apple even released a long-awaited facepalm emoji. It seems like the facepalm phenomenon may never die!  

#7 It’s Safe

Image credits: lonedrifterjk

#8 Throwback To When The White House Secretary Posted His Password Publicly 2 Days In A Row

Image credits: naravianana

#9 Ironic Idiots

Image credits: RedditWasAnAccident

Due to how popular facepalming has become, it’s not hard to find compilations online of the most facepalm-worthy moments CEOs, Donald Trump, and celebrities are guilty of. And while everyone is capable of having a ditzy moment or making a stupid mistake every now and then, all of these facepalm worthy moments do beg the question: are people getting dumber? Well, according to new research from the United States, it appears that Americans actually might be. Studies analyzing the IQs of citizens in the US have found that their intelligence scores in logic and vocabulary, visual problem solving and analogies, and computational and mathematical abilities have declined in recent years.     

#10 Grim Reaper Supporting Karens On Their Protest To Open Schools

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 It-It’s Almost As If Services Become Easier With A Modernized World? And That Baby Boomers Laughing That Millennials Can’t Use A Rotary Phone Is-Pathetic?

Image credits: poplitte2

#12 Technically The Truth

Image credits: iamnumair

Some proposed explanations for America’s declining intelligence are unhealthy modern diets, increasingly trashy media or a decrease in the quality of education systems and the prevalence of reading, Jessica Stillman at Inc. explains. But she notes that it’s impossible to know exactly what caused the decline in IQ scores, it might even be a technical detail of the IQ tests themselves, meaning we have no reason to fear that we’re getting dumber. “IQ tests generally measure crystallized intelligence more, so changes in schooling that de-emphasize memorization might be driving a decline in scores,” Stillman writes. “If this explanation is true, students remain as smart as ever (just way more reliant on Google).”

#13 Maybe Rethink That Again… Peter

Image credits: MeamesMeter

#14 Vaccines Cause Blood Clots

Image credits: itsharryngl

#15 The Founders Would Say The F**k Is An Ohio

Image credits: Powerfulwoman20

While not every post on this list features exclusively online interactions, many of them do. And there’s a chance that many of us just say dumber things online than we would in real life. According to a piece Rich Duncan wrote for The New York Times, the internet seems to amplify the stupid things that we do and say. “You can get a perfect score on your SATs and it will barely register in a world of 200 million tweets a day. But give just one stupid answer in a beauty pageant, and you’ll be the laughingstock of the world before you have time to clear your name on the next morning’s Today show,” Duncan explains.

#16 Disgusting

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Cancelling Orders Because Of Some Rainbow Cookies Smh

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#18 Ya

Image credits: orangesky995

While some like to argue that the internet is making us stupider, as we can rely on Google to solve all of our problems and we’re often confronted with ridiculous views on the world from questionable influencers who probably shouldn’t have platforms, Brian Resnick at Vox has a more optimistic take on the issue. He claims that the internet isn’t making us stupider, but instead more humble. When we know that the answers to our questions are actually out there, a simple Google search away, we’re less likely to spew our beliefs when we’re not 100% sure they’re correct. We recognize that we might not actually know all the answers, but someone, or something, out there does.

#19 A First-Person Autobiography?!

Image credits: TheAstrogoth

#20 I Can’t Stop Laughing At This. I Have No Words

Image credits: lemonsarethekey

#21 Must Be Those Damn Phones!

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

Resnick also notes that having the vast knowledge of the internet available to us also raises the stakes for us to be correct. If your child asks you what the capital of Argentina is, you might not just blurt out the first city that comes to your mind, but instead take a moment to wonder if it really is Buenos Aires. “Whether this is good or bad depends on context,” Resnick writes. “But here’s an optimistic takeaway: It’s not so bad for us to be reminded there’s an impossibly large amount of information in the world, to take a step back and be humbled and in awe of it.”

#22 Incredible

Image credits: metalsgt90

#23 It’s A Funny Facepalm Though

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 Definitely A Hypocritical Name

Image credits: Lastnight97

It seems that there are infinite things online that might make you facepalm nowadays, but try not to lose faith in the world because of that. It’s likely that people were always doing and saying ridiculous things that would make you shake your head, but unfortunately, these actions are now immortalized online. If you want to follow a feed that brings you as few facepalm moments as possible, consider following uplifting pages and not clicking on news articles with headlines that already have you rolling your eyes. Sometimes, it’s okay to avoid information you know will frustrate you. 

#25 Wow, A Train That Runs Without Tracks!

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 Hello Steve

Image credits: lucynyu13

#27 Did She Look At The Picture At All???

Image credits: tcat-2424

We hope we haven’t frustrated you too much with the photos on this list, pandas. Keep upvoting the ones that make you want to facepalm, and feel free to share some of the most facepalm-worthy moments you’ve ever witnessed in the comments below. Then, if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring photos that might make you lose faith in humanity, you can find another list on this same topic right here!  

#28 It Would All Become A Giant Conspiracy

Image credits: joedirt9322

#29 Imagine Someone Requiring You To Have 4 Years Of Experience On An Api That Has Been Around For 1.5 Years

Image credits: 14AUDDIN

#30 Where Can I Get A Purse

Image credits: McFlash64

#31 Wut?

Image credits: MavDrake

#32 Uninteresting Title

Image credits: submat87

#33 “Fear For Public Safety” Seriously?

Image credits: Benneck123

#34 Logic

Image credits: xbhaskarx

#35 You Hate To See It

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Checkmate

Image credits: lucynyu13

#37 This Is Always Good For A Laugh

Image credits: esberat

#38 That’s The Point Of The Book!

Image credits: Allstarhit

#39 The Wrong People Have Money

Image credits: masteromatic

#40 It Won’t Kill You 🙂

Image credits: dr-incognito-dorito

#41 Correct

Image credits: FloatingDoggy

#42 You’re Standing Right In Front Of The Best Example In The Whole World That Proves That Walls Don’t Work

Image credits: Jayer244

#43 Just… W H A T ?

Image credits: Bobo3076

#44 Logic 100

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#45 I’m Stuck On That Too

Image credits: LoneShark81

#46 Oversimplify Tax Evasion

Image credits: MartJonathan

#47 Something Seems Odd

Image credits: khamosh132

#48 Foreign Sounding Name=must Be Immigrant= Must Suck At English. Logic 101

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#49 To Be Fair, It Is Family Guy

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 Playing “Hard To Get”

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#51 Anti Vaxxers Are Another Breed

Image credits: ScroogeMcmunchos

#52 It Would Be Easy They Said

Image credits: memezzer

#53 I Understand The Need For This (I Really Really Do) But This Sucks So Much

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#54 Feels Bad

Image credits: Nick-Kitty-Cat

#55 You Don’t Know Anything

Image credits: lucynyu13

#56 Joe Exotic’s Limo Waiting For Him Outside The Prison In Anticipation Of The Presidential Pardon

Image credits: ilike_cutetoes

#57 Generic Post

Image credits: xbhaskarx

#58 What’s Yours?

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#59 Yeah Sure

Image credits: alonessbeats1011

#60 Wearing Shoes Not Necessary For Our Survival !

Image credits: Pleasant-Force

#61 Safety Precaution Is Not 100%

Image credits: Active-Ad-233

#62 “Lets Spent 10 Grand On Jewerly.”

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#63 ‘Wait, I Have To Vote For Him To Win?’ – Some Idiot, Probably

Image credits: SoonlyXo

#64 It’s A Great Time To Be A White Debt Collector

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 So Much For “Pro-Life”

Image credits: DaFunkJunkie

#66 What Are You Doing Here, Boss?

Image credits: Shivam2308

#67 I Get Why Her State Is Last In Education

Image credits: Bmchris44

#68 “But Thats Soshulism”

Image credits: 42words

#69 They Really Have Gotten To Us

Image credits: Zacharius420

#70 This Is My One Of My Favorite Jokes!!!

Image credits: Decent_Tip_8989

#71 Yikes

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#72 What Happens If You Have Questions?

Image credits: slytherinchosenone

#73 On Jokes

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#74 Yeah, Sounds About Right

Image credits: lucynyu13

#75 How Is This Ok?

Image credits: supcinamama

#76 But Nasa Uses The

Image credits: Jeff-SB

#77 One Person Still Counts As “Somebody”

Image credits: ral365

#78 Woah What Observation

Image credits: d3333p7

#79 Socialism

Image credits: gbyl

#80 Wow Sooo Brave

Image credits: TheToxicLogic

#81 Oh No, Not My Beloved Private Insurance That Doesn’t Cover Anything

Image credits: lucynyu13

#82 Japanese Woman Is Accused Of Appropriating Her Own Culture

Image credits: jaytix1

#83 I Had To Teach A Historical Geology Class Because The Geologist Who Was Supposed To Teach Is Was A Young Earth Creationist

Image credits: MoniMoks**th

#84 They’re Confused

Image credits: d3333p7

#85 Not A True Catholic!

Image credits: WarmmLemmon

#86 Slayed

Image credits: MavDrake

#87 Karen Decides That Children’s Fun Isn’t Enough Of A Reason To Have A Tree House

Image credits: killHACKS

#88 Hear Me Out

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#89 Buzzfeed Asking To Be Left In The Dirt

Image credits: Powerfulwoman20

#90 Ridiculous

Image credits: Pow67

#91 Yeah, How Dare He

Image credits: Lord_Alphred

#92 Apparently There’s Something Wrong With Using A Stock Photo

Image credits: lol62056

#93 Why

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#94 Real Friends Would Understand Why They Haven’t Reached Out Or Not Hold It Against You

Image credits: Powerfulwoman20

#95 Now I Get It!

Image credits: KathleenThren

#96 Tomi Lahren

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#97 Yoga>homeless People

Image credits: lol62056

#98 Uber Eats Super Bowl Ad For “Eat Local” Does More Harm Than Good

Image credits: tdomer80

#99 Kids Are Most Depressed

Image credits: Powerfulwoman20

#100 Well Well Well..how The Turntables

Image credits: deannathedford

#101 This Teacher Thinks Is The Same To Teach In 2020

Image credits: mesomobeni17

#102 How Can People Break-Up For Such Stupid Reasons!

Image credits: kaushrah

#103 Don’t Have A Cashapp

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#104 A Reason Why Youtube Ads Are A Problem

Image credits: GrantFunko

#105 Hint Hint

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#106 Sorry Buddy, Is Not Christmas Yet

Image credits: lucynyu13

#107 She Didn’t Deserve It

Image credits: Bmchris44

#108 Same

Image credits: reddit.com

#109 Cops Pepper Sprayed Their Own Senator Without Realizing He’s An Authority Figure

Image credits: thewrongun

#110 Pictured: The Reason The Entire Rest Of The Planet Is Laughing At Us

Image credits: 42words

#111 Am I Out Of Touch? No, It’s The Decades Of Science That Are Wrong

Image credits: mike_pants

#112 All Zero Of Them

Image credits: Fishbien

#113 That Didn’t Work Out Too Well

Image credits: syd430

#114 Can’t Do Anything About Noncompliance With Mandatory Public Orders.. Sure

Image credits: Jokiat

#115 Fcc Has Been Using Dead Peoples Accounts To Shill For Ending Net Neutrality

Image credits: Endless_Vanity

#116 I Thought It Was Totally Unethical

Image credits: Powerfulwoman20

#117 Wholesome Facepalm

Image credits: beluuuuuuga

#118 “A Bioweapon Against God”

Image credits: steamyhotcocoa

#119 I’ve Seen This Movie Before

Image credits: roserco

#120 Hospital Bill

Image credits: Active-Ad-233

#121 Whoops

Image credits: black_flag_4ever

#122 Guys, It’s Back Up!

Image credits: lucynyu13

#123 Unfortunately Predictable

Image credits: orchid_breeder

#124 Well You’re Not Wrong

Image credits: deannathedford

#125 “Going Everywhere”

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#126 The Same Cost All Along

Image credits: memezzer

#127 Brainwashed!

Image credits: reddit.com

#128 This Would Be Funnier If It Wasn’t So Dangerous

Image credits: PlasticFenian

#129 America Is F**ked

Image credits: lol62056

#130 Asking For A Friend

Image credits: BurnsRedit

#131 Who Ever Runs That Station Is Dumb

Image credits: reddit.com

#132 N95

Image credits: Powerfulwoman20

#133 I Wonder Why America Is So Unhappy?

Image credits: MisterT12

#134 What About Nurses Who Wear Them 8 To 10 Hours A Day

Image credits: Bmchris44

#135 An 8 Year Old Shouldn’t Have To Do This

Image credits: Fishsticks011