Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend With A Self-Designed Ring On A String, She Storms Off And Gives Him The Silent Treatment

If you happen to read any article about gifts, then it is quite possible that the author will repeat the classic maxim that what is important in a gift is not only and not so much its price, but the attention shown by those who give it.

Well, this is absolutely correct and in many ways, this is why handmade gifts are so appreciated by people in our time. However, this probably does not apply to absolutely all people, or is simply not the most appropriate idea for a proposal. Anyway, let’s just get on with this story from the user u/Bulky_Description556.

The author of the post decided to propose to his girlfriend and designed a special engagement ring

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The woman was a nurse so she wasn’t allowed to wear rings at work, hence the man decided to hang it on a chain

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According to the author, his girlfriend was now able to always keep the ring on her – even at work

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However, when the girl saw the chain, she became livid and stormed off, accusing the man of attempting to prank her

So, the Original Poster (OP) was going to propose to his girlfriend, and he was faced with the question of the engagement ring. We must say that the beloved of our hero worked as a nurse, so they were forbidden to wear rings at work, and the author of the post really wanted her to be able to keep it with her all the time. Luckily, the OP was a graphic designer, so he put all his creativity to work and came up with what he thought was a brilliant idea.

The ring was with a diamond with opals – his girlfriend’s favorite stones, but the creative author went even further and provided the ring with a thin but strong steel chain interspersed with gold and silver. As a result, the OP’s girlfriend could, according to his idea, wear the ring on her finger outside of work and when she arrived there, simply take it off and hang it on a chain. If you’ve watched The Lord of the Rings, you probably remember well how Frodo wore the Ring of Power…

And so, one fine evening, when everything was ready, the author of the post proposed to his sweetheart. Everything happened in the park, in a secluded corner where no one saw the lovers. Of course, the girl said yes, but when she saw the ring on the chain, her reaction changed to the exact opposite. She got absolutely mad at him, stating that the OP apparently wanted to prank her and stormed off, not wanting to listen to any apologies or explanations.

Moreover, the woman went back to her mother’s place and now does not want to communicate with her hapless fiancé, and he cannot understand what he did wrong and why everything did not turn out the way he planned…

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To be honest, we also wonder what exactly angered the OP’s fiancée so much, especially since, unlike the wedding ring, there are no strict rules of wearing and giving engagement rings. Moreover, among the alternative options for wearing such jewelry, many experts do highly recommend trying to wear a ring as a necklace.

“The engagement ring is less about the actual ring and more about its meaning. With that being said, because it is such a personal piece of jewelry, I think everyone can wear it as they please,” quote Erin Sachse, the founder of the fine jewelry brand Eriness. As you can see, even experts in the field of jewelry also recommend this idea.

Moreover, in the comments, the original poster himself specifically noted that the design of the chain, of course, provided for a clasp, so that the necklace and the ring could be worn separately. And most folks in the comments are simply at a loss as to what made his sweetheart so angry. The OP also said that the girl’s brother has a habit of nasty pranks, so it’s likely that she already has some prejudice against what can be classified as a likely prank.

In any case, folks in the comments strongly recommended that the man carefully find out what really happened and try to make peace with his fiancée. And some folks directly hinted that such behavior is a clear red flag on the eve of a possible engagement. “You were very thoughtful. She didn’t even want to listen to you. And you’re not even married yet…” one of the commenters stated. So what do you think about this whole story?

Most people in the comments also had no clue what went wrong, and some folks considered such behavior to be a red flag

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